Oman Air Online Booking Increases flights to Salalah

Oman Air, the national airways of Oman, is based at the Muscat International Airport. It was the first airline in the world to offer mobile phone as well as Wi-Fi internet services on selected flights. The best international flight deals are offered on Oman Airlines, which operates to over 40 destinations with nearly 300 flights every week. It has codeshare agreements with popular airlines like Emirates and Qatar Airways. The airlines boast of a fleet comprising mainly Airbus and Boeing flights with 4 Embraer models having an average age of 4 years. Sindbad is the frequent flyer program started by this airline, having partnership agreements with those of Gulf Air and Etihad Airways.

Peak time to visit Salalah

Owing to increasing air traffic, Oman Air has decided to provide more flights to Salalah from Muscat. Due to the Khareef Season, there has been an increasing demand for flights in this route. Adding to this, the Salalah Tourism Festival had attracted a large number of people to this location. Oman Air online booking was showing signs of the increasing pressure on this route, which resulted the airline to increase the frequency of Muscat-Salalah-Muscat flights. During the period of 4 months from June to September, an additional 306 flights were flown on this route. With this, the total number of aircraft operating increased, thus, to over a thousand. The Salalah Tourism Festival is a way of celebrating landscapes, history, traditions and culture of the Dhofar Governorate. This festival promotes tourism in the Sultanate, more so in the Khareef season, making Salalah the most visited tourist destination.

Oman Air has been successful in connecting the most remote locations in this part of the world. Also, it has introduced flights in major routes across the globe like Kolkata Dubai flights. With the addition of new destinations, it aims at becoming one of the leading airlines in the aviation industry in the Middle-East.

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