New Rules for Go Air Flight Bookings

Go Air, one of the successful domestic carriers in India, has decided to levy some extra charges for the pre-booking of window or aisle seats. Travellers while booking online tickets generally prefer the window and aisle seats. This comes at a time when the lookout for cheap flight tickets have risen with increasing travel charges. Also, the officials here, have decided to make provisions for pre-booking of excess baggage limits in divisions of three increments. These would be now bounded at three, five and a maximum of ten kilograms.

This change will definitely boost the business of low-cost carriers, especially Go Air, which has been looking to give its contemporaries a stiff competition. However, passengers who are travelling with families or with large luggage might face some increment unless the base fare is scrapped to some extent. This trend, though new to this part of the world, are generally levied by most airlines around the globe.

Relaxation of Rules by the Aviation Ministry

Also, Go Air has been looking forward to the approval from aviation department that will relax rules required to fly an international flight. This airline now operates only to domestic destinations. However, it has been rumoured that the government might relax the rules. This would essentially mean a cause for this carrier to cheer as they would be allowed to start Go Air flight booking to foreign destinations soon. According to the present rules, only those airlines are allowed to operate to international destinations that have flown domestic flights for a period of minimum 5 years and have a fleet of more than 20 aircraft. If these news are to be trusted, travellers will soon have Go Air flight ticket to fly to foreign locations. That would, thus, increase the options for people as well as would be a dream-come-true for the Wadia Group.

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