Increased Hand-Baggage in Virgin Atlantic Airlines set to increase Air Traffic

Now, passenger services have bettered in popular international carrier, Virgin Atlantic Airlines. You can now book international air tickets without worrying about the hand baggage allowance in a flight of Virgin Atlantic Airlines aircraft. The permissible hand baggage limit has been increased in Little Red, Economy and Premium Economy aircraft of this famous airline. The previous permissible weight of baggage was set at 6 kg per passenger. To the relief of most frequent travellers, this limit has been raised to 10 kg per passenger.

New limit made 10 kilograms

According to the limits released by Virgin Atlantic Airlines, the number of entities allowed on-board remains at one per passenger. However, the maximum weight and dimensions of the baggage has been fixed at 10 kg and 9x14x22 inches, approximately. This includes the fact that passengers must bring the luggage in such a way so that they can be neatly stuffed in the overhead baggage carriers. Also, travellers carrying their baggage should be able to put them in the overhead carriers unaided.

This new facility has been warmly welcomed by all and sundry. Passengers always had a problem in determining the amount of luggage that they could carry on-board. Also, a reduced limit meant that travellers had to be more specific about the things they would require inside the flight. Passengers on long-haul journeys like Pune to Toronto flights had to be extremely careful about the things they would take with themselves. The increased limit will give such people the leverage to choose a bit more freely.

Virgin Atlantic Airlines online booking is available with most travel web portals. Now, with this increased baggage limit, the sales of tickets is bound to increase, more so in the case of long haul journeys. Obviously, this slight change will benefit both, passengers as well as airlines up to a considerable extent.

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