Airbus A321 with Sharklets to Boost Finnair Fleet

Finnair Airways, the largest airline and flag carrier of Finland, is the fifth largest airline in the world. It has its headquarters at Vantaa, with its primary hub being the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport; the Government of Finland is its major shareholder. This airliner leads both the domestic and international aviation industry in Finland. With its high-performance fleet and state-of-the-art services, this carrier has emerged as one of the primary choices for people taking international air flights to and from Finland. It currently boasts of Airbus and Boeing fleet, which operates in Asia, North America and extensively across Europe.


First to Receive Airbus A321 with Sharklets


In an attempt to boost its services further, Finnair now has received the A321 aircraft with Sharklets from Airbus. With this, it has become the first carrier across the world to possess these A321 aircraft. If these aircraft prove its worth, these will gradually replace the existing Boeings. The main advantage of using this aircraft is that it is highly fuel-efficient. Equipped with Sharklet fuel-saving wing tip devices, this model is sure to contribute largely in reducing the cost of operating the flight. Also, it has the largest cabin for a single-aisle flight in the market, thus ensuring passengers a comfortable journey.


With the introduction of these flights, the cost of flying is expected to come down a notch, which would suit the airline as well as travellers. Finnair flight schedule exhibits flights, which operate over long distances. Long-haul journeys, which come at a whopping cost is expected to come at an affordable price, once these models are introduced. Adding to this is additional comfort for travellers, which is necessary on flights operating between two distant destinations, for example, Chennai to Toronto flights. Finnair also has code-share agreements with a number of popular airlines across the world. This will ensure that other airlines can also benefit and avail this new model from Airbus.

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