Lufthansa International Airlines Orders for New Aircraft

Lufthansa flight ticketDeutsche Lufthansa has announced that it has lapped up its largest order ever for 59 wide-bodied Boeing and Airbus jets in a 14 billion Euros deal. The airline is making a new addition to its fleet of Boeing 777 jets. By revenues, Lufthansa is the largest airline in Europe and amongst the most important international airlines, which is making an expansion in its fleet after a confirmed order of 100 Airbus planes for short-haul flights in March 2013.

The company has undergoing a revamp, which involves 3,500 job cuts, and it is now investing in Lufthansa flight to cut fuel bill and run parallel to its Middle East rivals, especially, in the stretch between Asia and Europe. The order of 25 Airbus A350-900 jets and 34 Boeing 777-9X was approved by the supervisory board of the company to cut fuel consumption as well as reduce unit costs by 20 percent compared to old aircraft models. The new aircraft would replace the existing ones at Lufthansa with Airbus 340-300s and Boeing 747-400s, which would be phased out till 2025.

The airline has not provided details on the number of planes on firm orders and those on options. The first consignment including new planes is to be delivered by 2016 and the company is going to order 34 Boeing 777-9X. Though it is speculated that 14 of these are options, which are yet to be reconfirmed.

The investment amount of this latest order proves to be the biggest single private sector Germany industry investment, which would safeguard at least 13,000 jobs at only Lufthansa. People in different parts of the world can easily avail the service of this airline as it offers several international flights from many countries. The company is also operational in India with services, providing Kolkata to Toronto flights.

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