Go Air Aims at New-techniques to Provide Lowest Air Fare

When it comes to domestic travelling, the most important thing travellers are looking for these days is lowest air fare flight tickets. The idea is to get the best services while flying to a destination by saving on expenditure, if possible. With more and more domestic carriers entering into the Indian market, it has become a bit difficult for flyers to do an extensive search for flights that are priced low on a particular route and this where low-cost carriers, like Go Air come into the picture.

About Go Air

Go Air is a popular domestic low-cost carrier providing easy transport to people across the country. The Wadia Group introduced this airline just when domestic travel was becoming a competitive market for the aviation industry in the country. This airline transports people to nearly 20 small and big locations in India. Go Air booking is provided by most travel agents and travel websites that further offer discounts on particular flights.

Go Air flight status is relatively punctual and ticket rates are cheap as it is one of the led low-cost carriers in the country. It has hit upon an interesting technique to reduce its overall cost. Since the weight of an aircraft is directly proportional to fuel consumption, subsequently increasing the flying cost and more so after rise in jet-fuel prices, Go Air has decided to stop recruiting male members for their crew. The officials sighted that men weigh more than women, thus increasing the flight weight. To prevent this occurrence, it has hit upon this plan.

All-female Crew

With this step, Go Air has shown that there are a number of ways in which an airline can reduce its weight. For each flight, if there are five men members forming the cabin crew, it would definitely add on a considerable weight as compared to that having an all-female crew. In addition, it can also reduce its weight by reducing cutlery items and other such optional items. This essentially is a small but important step to counter the shooting cost of air travel.

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