Avail Delhi to Dubai Flights with Gulf Air

Gulf Air ticket bookingGulf Air was chiefly introduced to connect the Middle-East with the rest of the world. It has its headquarters at Muharraq, which lies close to the Bahrain International Airport. This carrier connects approximately over 40 destinations in 30 countries in Asia, Africa and Europe. For air ticket booking international destinations as well as domestic with this airline, you can log on to different travel websites. Gulf Air ticket booking facilities are available on different prominent airports around the world; however, the best possible option is to book it on the Internet to save both time and money.

This carrier employs a fleet of Airbus and Boeing mainly, with a change Bombardier in some occasions. Among is major destinations, Dubai is one of the favourites for travellers and business people alike. Dubai has emerged as one of the main business locations not only in the Middle-East but also in the entire world. One of the prime reasons is the central location of this place and the tendency of huge companies investing in this budding market. This emirate promises to become one of the leading cities of the world with more and more major companies investing in its markets.

As far as the tourism is concerned, this emirate receives a lot of visitors from Asian countries, such as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Delhi to Dubai flights from India receives heavy passenger traffic. Most people from India go there on a business purpose, but in recent times, there has been an increase in the percentage of leisure travellers. Since, it is a major shopping destination and not far from India, travellers prefer coming to Dubai to shop and visit some of its amazing structural wonders. Booking for these flights can be done easily on leading travel websites, which offer tickets sometimes at discounted prices.

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