New In-Flight Entertainment Feature adds to the Footfalls for Virgin Atlantic Airlines

Virgin Atlantic Airlines, a British airline, with its base in Gatwick Airport, Heathrow Airport and Manchester Airport, was established in 1984. This airline was established with the aim of providing cheap international air ticket from United Kingdom to North America, Caribbean and other popular destinations around the globe. It uses mainly, Airbus and Boeing airliners with an average span of approximately 9 years. Currently, it is one of the most favoured airlines for popular travel destinations in Africa, Asia and North America.

In-flight entertainment allowed soon after take-off

Virgin Atlantic flights have now come up with a unique concept to attract more passengers to their flights. According to the officials at Virgin Atlantic Airlines, passengers will be allowed to turn their in-flight entertainment on before the scheduled take-off of the flight. Not only this, people boarding the flight will also be allowed to keep it on during landing. Though this may sound a petty change; however the statistics say something entirely different. If the time is calculated in the most optimum way, passengers will be provided 2 hours of additional service.

Previously, the in-flight entertainment, which consists of watching video-on-demand for travellers were turned on 25 minutes after the taking-off of the flight. Also, services were turned off 40 minutes before the landing. However, as per the new services, flyers will be allowed access to the entertainment as soon as the safety demonstrations are completed. This is sure to boost the footfall in a flight, considering the added in-flight packages with a Virgin Atlantic Airlines flight ticket.

This also is a source for rejoicing for passengers not travelling to or from Europe. For example, Virgin Airlines offers Bangalore to Toronto flights, which will ensure such passengers are also offered similar packages. Undoubtedly, this is a reason to cheer for people boarding Virgin Atlantic Airlines from any part of the world.

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