Emirates Leading the World in International Flights

The Emirates Airlines, based in Dubai in United Arab Emirates, operates approximately over 3000 flights a week. Its network is spread across nearly 160 destinations, major and minor, in over 70 different countries covering all the 6 permanently inhabited continents. With more and more destinations added each year, its reach and destinations sprawl like a spider-web on the global map. Emirates flight booking services are available at most important airports around the world and also on most travel websites. The service of this airline is undoubtedly, satisfying for those travellers who have availed its services.

Rank One by Skytrax Airline Rating

Skytrax Airline Rating is the global benchmark as far as airline standards are concerned. This takes into account a number of important factors, which when put together gives the ranking for airlines world over. It has been into action since 1999 and has been globally accepted to be the professional quality determining system for airlines. It takes into account nearly 800 different points pertaining to services of an airline, right from as simple a matter as international flight ticket booking facilities to in-flight staff services. This airline rating delivers to the aviation industry as well as the customers, a professional classification of airlines according to their quality. As per this rating, Emirates is the top ranked airline in the world.

This airline has been able to win the coveted top rank by offering best international airfares and flexibility in its destinations as well as great services. It has connected destinations, which has virtually little or no link with its major hubs. For example, Emirates has Ahmedabad to London flights to offer for people who frequent between these locations. With a huge fleet of 194 passenger flights, 10 cargo carriers, 1 jet and 189 more in the pipeline, it reaches the whopping number of destinations around the world. Also, the average age of its fleet is less than 6.5 years, which ensures that the airline changes its fleet regularly.

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