Cheap Domestic Air Tickets – Indigo and Jet Leading the Way

Domestic travelling is the most favoured option for business travellers frequently flying to various locations across the country. This has opened a wide scope for those people who need to travel to different locations within a short span of time. Now, with growing competition among the domestic carriers, there are a large number of options available for people to travel between two destinations. Airlines are trying to launch various lucrative offers to pull in air-traffic to their flights. These include offering cheap domestic air tickets, package deals and discounts on round travel, to name a few. With these options, majority people are opting for air travel.

Half of the domestic market in India is catered by Indigo Airlines and Jet Airways. Both these airlines have become the prime choice for leisure as well as business travellers. Indigo has been ranked as the leading low-cost carrier in the country by many industry magazines and surveys.

Reduction of Allowed Luggage per Passenger

A major change, which has been decided recently, is regarding the permissible weight of baggage that is allowed with an individual passenger. Initially, this was slated to be 20 kg per passenger. However, both Indigo and Jet have now decided it to lower it to 15 kg per passenger.

This change was expected due to several reasons that led to the increase in the cost of running an aircraft. With increasing jet-fuel prices, the cost incurred during each flight increased. Indigo flight booking surprisingly maintained more or less the same charges before and after the increase. Adding to this was the fumbling economic conditions in the country. This had to be fought with while maintaining cheap ticket prices. This step thus, in some way, counter-balances the increasing costs of flying without the direct increase in flight tickets. Undoubtedly, a smart step by Indigo, which has made it earn profits in the financial year 2013.

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