IndiGo Airlines Ruling the Roost in the Indian Aviation Sector

IndiGo AirlinesIndiGo Airlines has a market share of 30 percent in the domestic airline industry, and is a popular choice among air travellers in the country owing to its efficient services. It mainly aims at providing cheap flights, hassle-free in-flight services and exceptional punctuality. These three basic things have helped the low-fare carrier to become the most favourite among passengers in less than 8 years of commencement of its services.

Gigantic Leap in the 2013

The financial year 2012-2013 witnessed a gigantic boost in its profits. Its gross profit has almost touched the 1000 crore INR mark. It has made a remarkable jump from approximately 65 crore INR, which was its gross profit in the previous financial year. The revenue also made a paramount surge to touch 9.4 thousand crore INR as against the 5.7 thousand crore INR in the previous year. According to officials, this is the fifth year in tandem that this airline is recording a profit.

This phenomenal boost in profits has also led to the increase in the size of the fleet of this low-cost carrier. From 55 aircraft, which was in operation in 2012, it has currently risen to 70. This carrier operates with a fleet consisting of flights of a single variety, Airbus A320-200. The seating capacity of this aircraft is approximately 180 passengers.

Barring a few busy routes, most flights of this airline have lowest air fare, enabling it to become the first choice of a majority of travellers. This airline offers a load-factor of around 81 percent, which is higher than the aviation industry average of around 75 percent by quite a margin. All in all, this airline has made the biggest comeback when the entire aviation industry is bearing the brunt of rise in expenditure due to jet-fuel price-rise and fall of rupee-value against dollar. IndiGo Airlines is one of the major player in domestic airlines sector but it serves few International Destinations like Bangkok, Dubai, Singapore. You can get cheap international flights to these destinations in IndiGo Airlines. So before you book flights just check the different offers IndiGo Airlines offering for it’s travellers time to time.

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