Indigo Airline: Leading the Way in the Domestic Aviation Sector

Stop worrying about air booking as there a number of online travel portals at your service. These websites bring you the most comprehensive list of airlines and their routes, along with ticket availability. With careful observation and thorough browsing, you are sure to strike on the best deal, which otherwise would have burnt a hole in your pocket. It is sometimes difficult to find out the best flights to a particular destination and this is where these travel portals are of great help providing you with every intricate detail about flights status.

Rise of Private Flight Services

In recent years, there has been a huge rise in the number of airlines in the country. With one government owned airline, three private full-time airlines and five low-cost carriers, travellers today have a lot of options to choose from. Among the low-cost carriers, Indigo Airline is considered to have made a surge ahead among its contemporaries. This is evident from the fact that it was the only airline in India, which posted a net positive income for the financial year of 2012-2013. As per reports of Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA), this carrier posted a net income of $100-110 million.

Flight Booking

With the increased competition in the aviation industry, all airlines are aiming to provide best services at an affordable price. Indigo has made a remarkable impact in this field with Indigo flight booking, which is not only cheap but also offers customers a satisfactory experience on-board. Special discounts are always offered by the carrier to give passengers optimum travel benefits. Though the airline is relatively new to the aviation industry, it has been able to capture formidable ground in the market, thus making its mark both in terms of customer base and revenue generated as observed in its financial year profit when others are finding it hard to hold their grounds.

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