Fundamentals of Low Air Fare

Ever wondered why the air fare keeps changing so often? Why is it that you find that the price of the ticket you checked yesterday has a different price today? Why is it that you always have a wrong assumption about the price of tickets more often than not? All your answers get answered if you understand the few basic things. After that, no one can stop you from getting the lowest air fare each time you travel in international airlines.

Same Seats, Different Price

You must have wondered about the fact why same seats in an aircraft often sport a different price tag in most airlines. This is actually what an airline does to sum up the maximum revenue from a particular international flight schedules. Most airline comprise of two types of people. One, who will board the flight no matter what the price of a ticket, might be. The second is that group of people who will choose a flight only if the price is right. Generally, the aircraft gets a majority of the second group people and a small chunk of the first.

The biggest trick for the airlines lies in to fix the price of the seats in such a way so as to accommodate a certain number of people from both the groups leading to a maximum income possible. This makes them fix price of seats in an airline at variable amounts. Now, the number and type of people travelling each day vary all the time, more so in cheap international flights. This leads to a severe permutation and combination by an airline leading to price hike and fall.

This is the fundamental reason of change in ticket price everyday. If you are careful enough to understand the type of people about to travel in your flight, you can easily estimate the price fixed by a carrier for its seats. Simultaneously, it will become easier for you to get cheap tickets.

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