Indigo booking and Travel Guidelines for Pregnant Women

When it comes to pregnant women, gynaecologists are often divided over their views on air travel – should they or shouldn’t they? Well, immaterial of what the doctors have to say, most airlines have their own travel guidelines for expecting mothers. Some allow mums-to-be to book flight tickets up to 27-28 weeks, while others even offer bookings up to 32 weeks of pregnancy. However, most of them demand a fit to fly certificate from doctors, which certifies and assures that they are safe to fly.

Popular airline company, IndiGo offers a specific travel guideline for such women. As per their rules, pregnant women can make a booking in case of normal pregnancies (sans the complications, of course). Mother-to-be can book tickets on IndiGo without a fit to fly certificate till the 27th week. However, post 27th week, they are entitled to make bookings only with a certificate from the doctor. Also, the airline states that the certificate should only be three days old and not beyond. Also, women who cross 32 weeks are not allowed to travel. Other than the week specifications, the rule states that such women should carry all their medical documents while flying.

Indigo bookingOther than the flight specifications, some gynaecologists suggest that travelling during the second trimester, i.e., 14-17 weeks is comparatively safe. However, they always suggest women should discuss their trip plans with their doctors and should never travel alone. So, if you are a mother-to-be, do not let your pregnancy stop you from flying. However, make sure that it should not harm your baby. After all, you have been waiting for this moment for so long, right? Make an IndiGo booking with travel websites in advance, consult your doctor and board a flight to reach your destination. Also, remember to point the cabin staff of your pregnancy as soon as you enter the airplane, so as to get undivided attention from them.

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