Flight Ticket Booking Takes a Hit with Air fares Soaring to All Time High in 3 Years

In a major blow to the flyers, the ticket prices have soared to an all time high in three years. The last fortnight, especially, has seen a rapid 55 percent rise in airfare, making air travel economically non-viable for customers. According to industry experts, this price hike has been the steepest so far. Previously, this situation arose but was spread over several weeks, but this time it was happened in matter of days. The hike has had the same affect on advance flight ticket booking. Flyers planning to book a flight for the year end too have to pay as per the increased rate structure now.

Rising Price in Advance Purchase Category

According to experts, the high fares quickly need to be checked to keep airlines in the business. The current fare hike is too high, more so in the longer advance purchase category. A website recently conducted a poll for various time categories such as one week, fortnight, three months advance bookings, etc. The survey basically looked into one-side fares for domestic routes (20) including Mumbai-Kolkata, Bangalore-Hyderabad, Mumbai-Delhi and Mumbai-Bangalore and so on. The data reflected that there was a major rise of about 64 percent in the advance purchase category in 7-13 days, while other categories were quite close to the figure.

However, to control the situation, experts suggest that the advance booking of 30-day period should not be altered. This would help in managing traveller concerns and avoid sudden drop in bookings. Also, the tickets need to be rationally priced to ensure sustainability in the long run as it is equally important that flights have a healthy load factor.

Several domestic airlines like Go Air are facing the heat of increase in aviation fuel prices and have been compelled to increase their ticket pricing. However, this has affected Go Air booking in recent times with people unwilling to pay for high priced tickets.

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