Enjoy the Festival of Onam by Travelling to Kerala by Availing Cheap Air Tickets

As the harvest season is approaching, the people of Kerala are getting ready to celebrate the festival of Onam with great zeal and fervour. The biggest and the most important among all festivals of South India, Onam is celebrated during the first Malayalam month – Chingam (August-September). Grand boat races, folk dance and music and scrumptious feasts mark the 10-day long festivities of this rich cultural tradition. You can fly all the way to Calicut, Cochin or Trivandrum to witness the spectacle of this grand celebration. It is strongly advised that you book the flight as early as possible to get cheap air tickets to Kerala.

The Legend of Onam

Onam is an ancient festival that is celebrated by the natives of southern India, particularly Kerala, to commemorate the subsequent homecoming of the demon-king Mahabali. Considering the prominence of the event in the mythological history of India, thousands of people avail flight booking facilities to major cities in the state during its festivities.

The legend associated with this festival reveals that under the rule of Mahabali, the kingdom prospered and saw its golden era. Threatened by his growing popularity, the Gods sought the help of Lord Vishnu to gain their control over the kingdom of Heaven. Thereafter, the Lord appeared in his court as a Brahmin child Vamana and asked him for the land covered by his three footsteps. The generous king granted his wish and in the process Vamana claimed the earth in one step and the heaven in another. He placed his third foot on the head of Mahabali upon his request, thus sending him down to the heaven-like underworld Sutala. For his devotion, Lord Vishnu granted him the permission to return to his subjects once a year. Thus, people of Kerala celebrate the Onam festival in the honour of the sacrifice of their great martyr king Mahabali.

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