Avail Cheap Air Tickets to New Delhi to Come and Visit the Beautiful Jama Masjid

New Delhi, the national capital, witnesses a surge of tourists all year round from across the country and abroad, as well. The city has a glorious history that can be sensed from the number of historical monuments and religious shrines that can be found here. Amongst all these place, Jama Masjid that is located in Old Delhi, is a must-visit place. It is the largest and famous mosque in the country. Built by Shah Jahan, the construction of this mosque was initiated in the year 1650 AD and was completed in 1655 AD. If you are planning a trip to the national capital, then you can go for cheap air tickets on flights bound to the Indira Gandhi International Airport that is located in the city.

History and Architecture

It is believed that more than 6,000 workers toiled hard for six years to built the holy Jama Masjid, the foundation of which was laid by the great Shah Jahan. Opposite this mosque stands the Red Fort, which was also built by this great Mughal emperor. There are four towers, three gates and two 40 m high minarets in this mosque that have been constructed on strips of white marble and red sandstone. There is a large courtyard in this place, where almost 25,000 people can pray at a time. This courtyard can be accessed from the eastern gate. This entrance also leads to another enclosure, where you can see the mausoleum of Sultan Ahmed Shah.

A Visit to Holy Mosque

If you wish to visit this holy mosque, then you can board flights bound to New Delhi. You can get cheap flights to the national capital if you book your tickets with online travel websites. Flight booking online is an ideal option to get tickets easily and that too at great prices. This mosque is accessible from other parts of the city by taxi and bus services. Visit this historic mosque and feel the sanctity of this holy place.

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