Book Flights with Cheapest Airfare to France and Visit the Enthralling Notre Dame de Paris

The French Republic (France), a member of the European Union, is located in the western part of the continent of Europe. This country offers a host of attractions to tourists, and it is one of the most visited European nations. Famous attractions of this place are the Eiffel Tower, Palace of Versailles, the Louvre and Fort Boyard. These places represent the fine French style of architecture, which is renowned all over the world. Notre Dame de Paris is another prime attraction here, which is visited by tourists in huge numbers. You can book cheapest airfare tickets of leading international airlines bound to this country and visit this fascinating structure.

Notre Dame de Paris

This French Gothic style cathedral is located at the eastern end of Ile de la Cite and was built on ruins of a Gallo-Roman temple dedicated to the Greek God, Jupiter. The phrase – Notre Dame literally means – Our Lady in French language. This place serves as the seat of the Archbishop of Paris, Cardinal Andre Vingt-Trois. The initiation of this church was done by Maurice de Sully, (bishop of Paris) and its foundation stone was laid by Pope Alexander III in 1163.

This church is one of the oldest buildings to have flying buttresses (arched exterior supports) in its design and layout. The interior of this cathedral has a choir, an apse (a semicircular area at the eastern end of a church) and double chapels. The rose windows inside this church, built from a 13th century glass, are still intact and retain their charm. The western facade of this church is adorned with Gothic carvings and has figures of Old Testament kings. Many sections of this cathedral underwent deterioration, and they were restored by Eugene Viollet-le-Duc, who was one of the most famous architects of this country. You can check air ticket fare international airlines on travel portals and book flights for the same to visit this place during your international holiday.

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