Air India Set to Increase the Price of its Flight Tickets

Air India flight ticketAir India, the national carrier, has decided on withdrawing it special fare schemes and implementing the pre-discount ticket charge after there has been a decrease in its revenue following the falling rupee value and rise in Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) prices. This decision will automatically affect the air fares of the airline, with an increase of 10-15 percent. Flyers planning to take the aerial route during the festive season will now have to shell out more than this as the price of flight tickets is to set by another 10 percent.

Joining the Bandwagon

The national carrier made this decision following suit other domestic airlines – SpiceJet and Jet Airways, who had earlier increased their air fare due the new ATF pricing and to compensate for the loss they incurred during the lean season. The lean season that saw all airlines offering discount deals on air ticket booking has been suddenly replaced by the high priced tickets. However, according to industry experts, the month of October usually witnesses 5-10 percent rise in fares as compared to September every year and this something that is not unusual.

According to senior official from Air India, the airline has only restored back the fares that it was offering in the month of June. Further, Air India Managing Director and Chairman said that their pricing had already been on the higher side and it is up to other airlines to make changes to their pricing. In the month of October, air travel in the domestic aviation industry is set to increase alike other years, after a lean season from June to September.

If you wish to travel during the coming months and looking for cheap air tickets, then start booking in advance. Alternatively, log on to leading travel websites to look at their prices that are generally less than what the airlines offer.

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