Green Air Routes for Less Carbon Footprint and Fuel Consumption

According to latest reports, long-haul international airlines flying above Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea are mulling over the idea of shorten their trips and decrease their fuel consumption from the month of October this year. This comes at the heels of the circular from the Airports Authority of India (AAI) that stated that as a global initiative to cut down on carbon footprint, travel time and fuel usage, it would provide flights operating in oceanic airspace with green routes. These flights are called green flights as they create less carbon footprint and use less fuel. As of now, only two international carriers – Cathay Pacific and Emirates have conducted a trial on fuel-efficient routes. Indian airlines too could get benefitted by their pro-environmental steps, as per industry experts. This can also be beneficial to flyers as these routes are more likely to serve cheap flights.

Flights Go Green

The general manager of Air Traffic Control (ATC) of Mumbai has stated that this green flight route service has been made available to all Indian carriers, and now it is up to them to utilize it. Further he added that AAI has already sent invitations to IndigGo Airlines, Jet Airways and Air India to operate their flights on these routes. These airlines have been asked to seek permission for operating their green flights at least a week in advance. The ATC stations of Chennai and Mumbai will handle operations of a large part of the oceanic airspace.

Additionally, there are alternative routes that are called as User Preferred Routes (UPR) that can be generated by the flight planning department of airlines. The process involves creating a route that is the most economical, keeping the kind of aircraft in use and the weather. This way the journey to place can be quick, but will also help in less fuel consumption and carbon footprint. This will also mean lowest air fare tickets for flyers on these economical routes.

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