Much More to Expect in the Coming Years besides Lowest Air Fare

There have been continuous changes in the airline industry over the past few years, and a glaring change is the shift in approach – from airline-centric to customer-centric. Airlines are designing their services keeping their customers in focus. Not only are airlines competing with each other to offer the lowest air fare, but also trying to earn brownie points in terms of services. There are many plans in the pipeline and if they turn into reality, then the face of air travel will undergo a sea change.

Imagine you are going on a holiday with your family – you drop off your luggage at a convenient location of your choosing, take a train to the airport, board the aircraft, enjoy in-flight amenities and reach the hotel at the desired destination, where your bags are delivered. All this might sound fictitious at the moment, but this can be real about a decade later.

A few years ago, online booking, flight status and check-in seemed unreal but all these are a reality at the moment – similarly, there are quite a few things that will be a reality a decade later. Airlines are working on strategies to enhance the overall customer experience. For example, in future, airports are expected to boast of omnipresent Wi-Fi, which will enable airlines to be in touch with passengers at all times. This will enable passengers to have real-time information about everything related to their journey.

Besides, the continuous changes in technology would further simplify the process. There would come a time when passengers would be able to travel by air and rail with a single ticket. Much more is expected to change in the future to ensure that passengers enjoy a seamless end-to-end journey. Thus, passengers who are presently rejoicing at low air fare, online check-in, online booking and other benefits, would definitely be elated with these proposed transformations in future.

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