Avail International Flights to Sharjah to Explore its Culture and Heritage

The emirate of Sharjah, which encompasses an area of about 2600 sq km, is the third largest in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This emirate shares its borders with two other emirates – Ajman and Dubai and is at a distance of around 170 km from Abu Dhabi. Owing to its proximity to the Gulf of Oman and Arabian Gulf, Sharjah has become a key tourist destination in the whole of UAE that is characterised by beaches and other natural attractions. This emirate has done a lot over the years to preserve its cultural heritage that can be seen in its several museums, such as Al Mahatta Museum, Al Eslah School Museum, Bait Al Naboodah and Sharjah Art Museum. If you are planning a holiday in this beautiful and cosmopolitan emirate, then a visit to these museums can be a great experience. So So first check air ticket fare and make bookings on international flights bound to this emirate for a comfortable journey.

Sharjah Art Museum

Set up in the year 1997, this museum is the largest in the gulf region featuring art collections of renowned artists from the 18th and 19th centuries. The museum was started to enrich the cultural life of local public and international visitors with various cultural programs and facilities, besides its collections. There are several galleries in this museum that comprise paintings of strikingly-beautiful landscapes and cityscapes, and impressive portraits made from acrylics, water colours and oil. There is a bridge inside this museum that leads to the Sharjah Contemporary Arab Art Museum, which has huge galleries on three floors, comprising collections of more than 300 works of artists from the Arab world.

If you have a taste for art and paintings, then do take out time to visit this spectacular museum while you are on a tour of this place. To book international flights to this emirate, log on to leading travel websites to get a good deal. Make your bookings in advance for cheapest air tickets deals.

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