Book Lowest Airfare Flights to South Africa and Visit the Fascinating Cango Caves

The Republic of South Africa is located at the southernmost tip of the African subcontinent. This country has a diverse topography, which ranges from dry scrublands of Karoo to lush green coastline towards its east. There are many popular natural attractions in this country that are visited by tourists from all over the world. Some of these attractions include the Garden Route, Robben Island, Wild Coast and Winelands. Another prominent tourist interest of this place is the Cango Caves, which are situated in the lower mountain ranges of Swartberg, near the town of Oudtshoorn. If you wish to visit these fascinating caves, then you can book lowest airfare tickets to South Africa for a truly memorable experience.

The Cango Caves

These spectacular limestone caves have been formed over a period of million years through the movement of tectonic plates in the crust of the earth and by the action of rainwater with limestone. It is believed that these caves were discovered by a farmer named Jacobus Van Zyl in the year 1780.

The largest hall in these caves – the Van Zyl Hall, measuring 90 m in length and 50m in width, has been named in the honour of its discoverer and features ancient stalactites. A huge passage in this hall leads to the Botha Hall, which has interesting limestone formations that resemble a giant eagle. The Rainbow Chamber located in this hall is accessible by a flight of stairs and is characterised by the unusual glow of lights on its limestone rocks. There is also a Bridal Chamber and Fairytale Chamber in these caves, where you can spot various splendid limestone patterns.

These intriguing caves are a must visit on a trip to South Africa. To reach this country, look for cheap international flights that operate to this place. Alternatively, you can get cheapest air tickets to this nation with leading travel portals.

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