Book Tickets on International Airlines to Visit the Historical Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

Berlin is the capital and the largest city (in terms of population) of Germany and lies in its south-eastern part. Interestingly, almost one-third of this city comprises lakes, rivers, forests, parks and gardens. Considered as a global city, it is also a popular tourist destination owing to its rich history, vibrant culture, glorious architecture, glitzy nightlife and famous monuments. One such attraction in this city that attracts millions of people from across the globe is the Brandenburg Gate. Built in the year 1791, this famous structure was designed by Karl Gotthard Langhans and was commissioned by Friedrich Wilhelm II, the King of Prussia Kingdom (1786-1797). If you are planning a holiday in Europe, then you can list visiting this magnificent structure in your travel itinerary. In case you are still to make your flight booking to Europe, then it is advisable that you do it in advance to avoid last-minute rush.

Brandenburg Gate

Constructed to represent peace, the Brandenburg Gate was incorporated into the Berlin Wall, which kept the city divided into two parts from August 1961 till November 1989. This gate stands as a symbol of reunification of these sides that were created during the Cold War period to stop the fleeing of people from East Berlin to West Berlin.


The Brandenburg Gate has been constructed and ornamented in a glorious manner. Modelled on the design of Propylaea (monumental gateway of Acropolis) in Athens, this sandstone structure has 12 Doric columns (Greek architecture). It is adorned with numerous sculptures associated with statesmanship and friendship, along with symbols of science and art. There is also a quadriga statue of the goddess of victory on top this gate, which was damaged during World War II and restored later.

To visit this famous attraction and other popular ones in this city, you can book flights on international airlines bound to its international airport. You can check for the airfare of these flights on leading travel websites.

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