Get Latest Updates on Flight Schedule with Start Searching India Campaign of Google

After launching its Start Searching India campaign in June this year in Chandigarh, Google has now added flight search feature for domestic flights to it. The Internet giant launched this campaign with their focus on simplifying the web for Indian netizens. According to the marketing director of Google India, today people in the country are increasingly looking for convenient ways to find information on the web, be it about weather, restaurants, latest movies, news or flight schedule, etc. Therefore, Google started this search page where people can get instant information on weather updates, restaurants, ATM locations, latest movies and their showtime at various movie theatres, along with current news. Additionally, there are two more features on this page – calculations and research. These can be used to make various calculations and for instant research on a host of topics.

Instant Flight Updates

The flight search feature was already available for International flights, and now Google has added support for domestic flights, as well. With the addition of flight search feature on the page, people travelling to domestic destinations in India will get the latest update on their flight location, its arrival and departure time instantly. Apart from flight information, this feature also provides information on air ticket fare of different airlines, along with booking options available on different travel websites.

This Google page can be accessed on Android phones and iPhones courtesy its iOS and Android voice search applications. It is also available as Google Now cards for Android 4.1 version devices or above. These applications can be downloaded from the start searching India page. Designed to cater the specific and common queries of netizens in India, this campaign is sure to taste success alike other services from Google, and likely to be a game changer in the search engine domain.

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