Book Flight Tickets to Visit Mount Pilatus in Central Switzerland

Nestled in the central part of Europe is Switzerland – the land of the Alps. This country is renowned worldwide for its spectacular and unmatched natural beauty, which is evident in its waterfalls, mighty mountains and gardens laden with exotic flowers. Some of the popular natural attractions of this place are the Jungfrau Region, Swiss National Park, St. Moritz and Rhine Falls. In addition to these natural wonders, another attraction that draws tourists from all across the globe is Mount Pilatus, which is located in the city of Lucerne, in Switzerland. You can plan a trip to this country by booking flight tickets on airlines bound to this destination.

Mount Pilatus

Rising majestically over the city of Lucerne is Mount Pilatus, which overlooks central Switzerland. Legend has it that it was named after Pontius Pilate (fifth Prefect of Judaea), who was buried here. It is also believed that the mountain used to be home to a dragon during medieval times. This peak rose achieved greater fame when Queen Victoria rode here on a horseback.

This mountain has many summits of which the highest is Tomlishorn, situated 2,128 m above sea level. Esel, another peak of this mountain, is located 2,119 m above sea level. Tourists throng to this place in huge numbers for adventurous biking, trekking and hiking. Pilatus Railway, the steepest rack railway in the world, can be accessed to reach this mountain. Also, cable services are available to reach here.

Mount Pilatus is also famous for having the longest toboggan (a sledge used for sliding down slopes) in the world. Sliding with this sledge from this mountain peak is a popular leisure activity among tourists during summers. If you wish to do the same, then you can go for online ticket booking for airlines flying to this country. Online booking will give you an opportunity to avail cheap tickets offered by leading airlines.

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