Low Air Fare Scheme Introduced by Jet Airways on Domestic Flights for Seven Days

Jet Airways on Domestic FlightsJet Airways, a leading carrier in the country, launched a new travel scheme on the 3rd of August, where ticket costs would start from as low as Rs. 1777 on domestic flights till the 9th of this month on its 7,00,000 seats. According to industry experts, since the domestic air travel has seen a dip by 50% in the previous month, this surprise low price by the airline might compel people to fly more during the usually off-peak season from July to September. Lowering of fares will give a push in selling of tickets and subsequently provide an impetus to their market. Not only Jet Airways, other airlines too have made their tickets cheaper by almost half of what they charge during peak season.

The airline has mentioned in its press release that there are three categories according to which air fare will vary. These categories are Rs. 1,777 for Mumbai-Ahmedabad route (short-distance flights), Rs. 2,777 for Mumbai-Bangalore route (medium-distance flights) and Rs. 3,777 for Mumbai-Delhi route (long-distance flights). The fare has been exempted from fuel surcharge but is inclusive of additional taxes. With a long weekend lined up in mid-August, travellers are more likely to book Jet Airways domestic flights. This will, in turn, give increased monetary benefits to the airline and stabilise their business during this low phase of the year.

It is been discussed throughout the domestic aviation industry that this huge price reduction is bound to affect the market share of other airlines. In a bid to compete the price cut of Jet Airways, the national airline – Air India also is offering flight tickets for as low as Rs. 2,350 on domestic flights. At the end, it is to be seen whether Jet is successful in selling its 7,00,000 seats over a week. In case, you are interested for this offer, then you can make Jet Airways booking on its official website or any other travel portal.

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