Book International Flights Spain to View the Mesmerising La Sangrada Familia

Spain, located in south-western Europe, is one of the most famous global tourist destinations. This country has a rich culture and is well-known to be home to some of the best attractions in this continent. Additionally, natural beauty abounds here in the form of stunning Sierra Nevada ranges and the majestic mountains of Andalusia. Spain is the hallmark of architectural marvels, which capture your breath with their spectacular charm. One such fascinating piece of work is Gaudi La Sangrada Familia, a famous church in its city of Barcelona. If you are planning on a vacation, but still contemplating where to go, then fly to Spain via international flights to explore this vibrant and colourful nation.

La Sangrada Familia

La Sangrada Familia, an unfinished catholic basilica, was designed by a renowned architect, Antoni Gaudi. Though the idea was conceived by Joseph Bocabella and Francesc de Paula Villar, subsequent altercations between them lead to their split. Eventually, the project was assigned to Gaudi, but his death in 1926 in a road accident left this marvellous design incomplete. However, initiatives have been taken into get the church building accomplished that is likely to get over by the year 2026.

The architectural style of this expiated modern art church is popularly known as – Warped Gothic as the stone facades give an effect of losing their intact form at a high temperature. Of the three facades, the first (Nativity Facade) faces the east featuring motifs of flora and fauna. To the west is the Passion Facade, which depicts scenes from the life of Christ – His crucification and resurrection. The final facade is called as the Glory Facade, which was started in 2002, but is still under construction. There are eight towers in the church, each with a 400-step staircase. If you wish to visit this amazing structure, then you can book tickets of cheap international flights on travel portals that offer various discounts deals.

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