Witness the Glory of India Gate Courtesy Cheap Air Tickets to Delhi

New Delhi, the national capital of India, is the judiciary, political and executive seat of the country. Truly a global city, New Delhi has a glorious history, and that can be seen in the architecture of some of its famous landmarks. Speaking of landmarks, The India Gate – a national monument located in the city, is one of the top landmarks of the country. It was built in the year 1921 to commemorate the death of martyrs of the British Indian Army, who sacrificed their lives during World War I and Afghan Wars. If you are planning a vacation in the national capital of India, then make air ticket booking in advance to avoid the last minute rush for tickets.

Glory of India Gate

Designed by Edwin Lutyens, this structure was acknowledged as the site of Amar Jawan Jyoti – a cenotaph for soldiers of Indian Army, who attained martyrdom during wars. This cenotaph is made from black marble, and a rifle has been placed on its barrel. Since the year 1971, the four torches on the corners of the cenotaph have been burning. Inscribed in gold on each face of this cenotaph are the words Amar Jawan or Immortal Warrior. It is a custom for state and foreign dignitaries to pay homage at the site during their visit to the city.

How to Reach New Delhi

The Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport in the city caters to a large number of flights to and from various parts of the county and across the globe. Therefore, reaching here is not an issue. You can get cheap air tickets to this airport if you make your bookings online, where you might get discount deals on flight bookings. So, make your flight ticket booking to the capital of India and come here to experience its history, heritage and culture.

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