Few Airlines in India Decide Not to Charge for Pre-selection of Seats

In a turn of events, after the much talked-about unbundling of services was approved by the civil aviation ministry, few airlines have decided not to charge for every service they offer. Leading the bandwagon is the national carrier Air India, which does not back the decision to charge on pre-selection of seats as what has been introduced by other low cost airlines. According to the directives of the aviation ministry, an airline can offer 25% seats for pre-booking; however, most low cost airlines in India are mulling over the idea of charging extra for almost all seats. One airline even went to the extent of charging for a middle seat. It was then the government was forced to cap the number of seats on domestic airlines for pre-booking to 25% of the capacity of an aircraft. Air India is of the idea that they may introduce the pre-selection charge on international flights, but not on the domestic ones.

U-Turn by Air India

Interestingly, the national carrier was the one to reduce free check-in baggage weightage from 20 kg to 15 kg on domestic airlines. However, SpiceJet on this front seems to have other ideas. It is still offering 20 Kg free baggage check-in service. Incidentally, most airlines and industry experts were hoping that the Air Asia, the Malaysian low cost airline would offer free check-in baggage service; however the carrier has already announced that it will also have the 15 kg policy.

If you wish to check which all airlines have changed their policy related to their ancillary services, then you can check on their official websites or visit any travel website, where you will find a list of domestic airlines in India that have started unbundling their services. Besides, you can also book online air tickets with these websites to save both time and money, courtesy their various discount deals.

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