Visit the Picturesque Pangong Tso Lake by booking Air Tickets to Ladakh

Ladakh is a popular tourist destination in the northern part of India. This high-altitude region is surrounded by four mountain ranges, which make it an isolated valley amidst snow-covered peaks. Gigantic glaciers in this place serve as origins to numerous mountainous rivers, whereas dangerous passes and rifts provide an opportunity for adventurous trekking. As this area is inhabited by a large number of Buddhist followers, it boasts of many Tibetan monasteries that attract a lot tourists, as well as devotees. Besides these, there are many high-altitude water bodies in Ladakh, which are pristine in nature. One such inland water body is Pangong Tso, which is a large lake known for its scenic beauty. By booking air tickets to Ladakh, you can get a golden chance to view this stunning lake.

Pangong Tso Lake: The Wonder of Nature

Pangong Tso is a large salt-water lake that is at an elevation of 14,270 ft above sea level. This lake covers a length of about 83 miles from India to Tibet, out of which 40 percent of its area falls under the control of India. Another significance of this lake is that it has the line of control passing through it, which makes it a zone of high security. The deep blue waters of this lake strike a perfect contrast with surrounding mountains and form a breathtaking view. During the winter season, the temperature of this lake drops down considerably, resulting in the freezing of its water. Owing to its photographic charm, this lake has attracted a number of Indian film makers, who have captured its beauty in many films.

If you wish to visit Ladakh and explore the surroundings of the beautiful Pangong Tso Lake, then book your tickets and accommodation beforehand. To save on travelling cost, you can opt for cheap air tickets that can be booked online. You can book your air tickets from leading travel portals and domestic flight booking sites.

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