Get Ready to Pay for Onboard Meals Besides Flight Fare on Air India Flights

Air India FlightsAir India, in an attempt to further increase its revenues and control its costs, is now planning to charge for onboard complimentary meals on its domestic flights. This is something that is in practice amongst low-cost airlines. Speaking on this new development, a senior executive from the airline said that they are looking to charge for food on short flights to boost their ancillary earnings. This would be a follow-up to the recent increase in charges for excess baggage and rescheduling/cancellation of flight booking. If this proposition is implemented, then Air India would be the first Full Service Carrier (FSC) in the country to do so.

Recommendations from Dholakia Committee

The plan to charge on meals is one of the recommendations made by the Dholakia committee to increase revenues of the national carrier that has been suffering huge losses. This change would be an addition to other recent ones where the government has allowed airlines to charge their passengers for preferential seating, sports and musical instruments carriage, use of lounges, carrying check-in baggage and valuables. However, these charges are less likely to have an effect on the base flight fare.

Reviving Lost Glory

Besides increasing charges on its services, Air India is working on various programmes such as tie-ups with retail and hotel chains, and letting out advertisement space on boarding passes, airport lounges and in-flight entertainment to generate more revenue. The airline hopes that with all these initiatives that it can reduce its losses by 23%. In the current financial year, the revenues of Air India is expected to grow by 20.2%.

Fly with Air India

The national carrier operates its flights to and from 62 domestic airports, of which 17 are connected to international destinations. To book your tickets or check flight status of Air India flights, you can log on to their official website. Alternatively, you can choose to book air tickets from Air India flights with leading travel websites.

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