Summer Holidays Witness Sky-High Airfares on Mumbai-Delhi flights

Airlines usually offer the most competitive fares on routes with the largest number of flights. However, it seems to be a thing of the past as airfares on the Mumbai-Delhi route this summer has been quite expensive, in spite of, almost all airlines offering Mumbai-Delhi flights on an hourly basis. The high demand for air tickets coupled with seating constraints, on the ever busy Mumbai-Delhi route is witnessing a hike in airfares. Amazingly, there seems to be no impact on flight booking for carriers bound to Delhi from Mumbai.

Change in Airfare

A couple years ago, the scenario was completely different as fare for any Mumbai-Delhi flight was usually cheaper by 25-30% compared to long duration routes with a fewer number of flights. However, in the past year or so, this percentage has come down considerably. Now, there is not much of a difference in airfares on this route and other regular expensive routes, even if tickets are purchased a month in advance.

Reasons for Hike in Airfare

According to industry experts, the increase in airfares on the Mumbai-Delhi route can be attributed to the fact that all airlines are trying to cash-in on the summer vacation rush to the picturesque hill stations near Delhi. Airlines are seeing this as an opportunity to compensate for their losses in off-peak months.

Book Online to Get Best Deals on Mumbai-Delhi flights

If you too wish to holiday with your family in the scenic hill stations near Delhi, then you can book your flights with leading travel websites to get good deals. Besides price comparison, you can check flight status of various airlines on these websites for a particular date before you purchase your tickets. This gives you a chance not only to save money on air tickets but also the opportunity to plan your travel schedule as per your own convenience.

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