Explore the Glorious History of India by Availing Cheap International Flights to New Delhi

A visit to the national capital of India can never be considered complete until you add a trip to the Red Fort. Located in old Delhi, this 17th-century fort was built by Shah Jahan, a famous Mughal Emperor. He built this when he transferred his capital to Delhi from Agra and laid foundations for the seventh city of Delhi called Shahjahanabad. If you are on a visit to the national capital, then do not miss a visit to this amazing structure. You can book flight tickets to New Delhi from any part of the country online. Online flight booking can get you good deals on your bookings if you do business with leading travel portals.

The Red Fort

This splendid structure is surrounded by a rubble stone wall with gates, and bastions at intervals. There are 14 gates in the Red Fort, of which the important ones are Turkman, Ajmeri, Kashmiri and Lahori; however, some of these have been demolished. In the construction of this building, marble was used largely while the gates, walls and few other structures are made from red sandstone. The highlights of this building are its amazingly-built structures such as Diwan-i-Aam (Hall of Public Audience), Rang-Mahal, Nahr-i-Bihisht. Mumtaz Mahal (now houses the Delhi Fort Museum), Diwan-i-Khass (Hall of Private Audience) and Tasbih-Khana. Another important structure in Red Fort is Moti Masjid that was later built by Aurangzeb while Zafar-Mahal was built by Bahadur Shah II.

Trip to New Delhi

If you are planning a holiday trip in the capital of India, then you can get cheap international flights to the Indira Gandhi International Airport. You can avail these tickets online from leading travel websites or different travel agencies. Though there are many spectacular attractions in the national capital, but Red Fort has its own charm that draws thousands of people every year.

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