Savour the Flavour of Rajasthani Cuisine by Flying to Rajasthan with Cheap Airline Tickets

The state of Rajasthan is known for its vibrant culture and sumptuous cuisine, which is primarily influenced by its geomorphology. The arid conditions of the region necessitates that food is prepared in such a manner and with those ingredients that would help in preserving it for days at a stretch. Another challenge in this region is the availability of limited ingredients, primarily pulses. The most surprising aspect is the fact that despite the availability of so little, there are so many delicious dishes that are part of the rich Rajasthani cuisine. Tourists reaching the state by availing cheap airline tickets can relish all these amazing dishes in every nook and cranny of the state.

Sumptuous Snacks and Delicious Dishes of Rajasthan

Besides the most renowned dish dal-bati-choorma (it includes lentil, baked wheat balls and sweet cereal powder), there are so many other delectables that one can sample. Panchmel sabzi, bajre ki khichdi, bajre ki roti and lahsun ki chutney (spicy garlic paste) and gatte ki sabzi (freshly made gram flour dumplings) are names of just few of the popular dishes that you can relish. For non-vegetarians, Laal Maas (red meat curry) and Mohan Mass (meat cooked in milk) are two favourite dishes. Tourists travelling to this state by availing domestic airlines tickets from anywhere in India, would also like to taste a range of snacks, including mirchi bada, Bikaneri bhujia and pyaj kachori.

Desserts of the Desert State

The exotic Rajasthani cuisine is not just about dishes and snacks, but also about sweet surprises. Those with a sweet tooth would find it hard to resist mawa kachori, besan ki chakki, alwar ka mawa, ghevar (disc-shaped, made from flour, khoya, cream and sugar syrup) and ladoo, among others. Tourists can book airline tickets to reach this state of royals and savour all these mouth-watering dishes.


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