Witness the Mighty Himalayas from Sikkim Courtesy Cheap International Air Tickets

The mighty Himalayas and its surrounding regions always allure tourists from across the globe. Therefore, it is not surprising that tourists wish to visit Cholamu Lake, which is situated on the plateau in Sikkim that extends into Tibet. This lake is the highest lake in the country, perched at a height of 18000 feet above sea level. It is also the 14th highest in the world. This mid-size lake is the origin of the Teesta River. Most of the time, this lake remains frozen, and the reflection of surrounding mountains on its frozen water is simply breathtaking. If you wish to visit this picturesque lake, then you can board flights to the nearest airport to this place, which is in Bagdogra in West Bengal. You can get cheap international flights to this airport if you are coming from outside India.

Cholamu Lake

This frozen lake is abode to migratory birds who come from China, Russia and other parts of India. The glimpse of this lake can be seen while coming down from Donkiala Pass, which leads to Tibet. This special geographical location makes this lake special; however, sensitive army area as well with pressure from Chinese troops on the borders. The Cholamu Lake is about 5 to 6 Km away from the Tibet border, and hence, you would need special permits to reach here. The permits are to be taken from the army and Sikkim administration/police. Another high altitude lake that is located near this lake is the Gurudongmar Lake, which is the second-highest lake in India.

Trip to Sikkim

If you plan to holiday in Sikkim, then do not miss out on visiting the Cholamu and Gurudongmar Lakes. Since there are no airports in Sikkim, you can board your flights to the nearest airport in Bagdogra, which is 124 away. You can book your international air tickets to this airport with leading airlines or alternatively, take help of travel websites.

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