Be Prepared to Pay More for Your Favourite Seat on Go Air Flights

If window and aisle seats are your favourite, then be prepared to shell out INR 200 extra for pre-selection of these seats if you are travelling by Go Air flights. In addition, those seats that fall in row 3, 12 and 13 and have extra leg space will now cost INR 500 more. This decision from the Wadia Group, which owns Go Air, comes as a follow-up to the announcement made by civil aviation minister, Ajit Singh.

The announcement by Ajit Singh stated that airlines can unbundle certain services and charge additionally for the same. This announcement has been made two weeks after the aviation ministry found certain airlines like Air India Express and Go IndiGo charging for pre-selection of seats and had asked them not to do so.

The move may help carriers improve their cash flows, but air travellers may not like it, unless the base fare is reduced to accommodate incremental fee for various services offered. To counter this issue, the ministry is mulling over the idea of putting a restriction on the numbers of seats to be offered as pre-booked seats. This trend may be new to India; however, airlines in different countries do charge for incremental services and a good example of it could be AirAsia, which charges its passengers for pre-selecting seats.

With this change, many speculate that Go Air flight booking might take a small hit; however, experts believe that this just a passing thing and is unlikely to affect businesses of this airline. They believe that air travellers will not mind paying a bit extra to get their favourite seats as the amount that would be levied for pre-selecting seats is not that substantial. However, it is still to be seen as how air travellers react to this new change, once these charges are implemented in the coming months.

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