Advancement in Technology and Increase in Competition Makes Cheap Air Tickets a Reality

Gone are the days when travelling through air route was limited only to those who were quite affluent and belonged to upper higher class society. The advent of Internet and mushrooming of various airlines across the globe has led to a sense of ultra-competitiveness in the commercial aviation industry. However, the ultimate beneficiary of these advancements is the customer, who can now easily research for available deals and choose the one that suits his or her pocket. With the emergence of Internet and followed by mobile accessibility, it became possible for airlines to offer online booking services on flight tickets. Now, a traveller can conveniently book an air ticket with any of the leading airlines on-the-go using his or her smartphone or tablet.

The next best thing to happen for the civil aviation industry was the boom in the travel industry, which led to the inception of many travel-oriented eCommerce websites. The fierce competition between various travel portals and airlines paved way for cheap air tickets to lure customers. Such is the density of airlines and travel portals today that any individual with an Internet access can go through various websites and choose the best deal on offer to suit his or her budget.

Also, airlines are now into developing customised and dedicated applications for various mobile platforms like iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. This has not only created an opportunity for them to serve their customer in a better manner but also help increase their reach. Jet Airways is the pioneer in this field as it recently launched a dedicated official application for the Windows Mobile platform, in association with Nokia. It is like a win-win situation for both airlines and customers as airlines gets to deal with customers directly and customers can avail various promotional offers by using the application. Considering all these, it is safe to presume that in near future air flights, not ground transport will be the preferred medium of transportation for one and sundry.

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