Excess Baggage gets Dearer for Air India Travellers

Air India (AI), one of the leading airlines in India, was established in the year 1932. The airline is probably the first choice of most travellers owing to the services and facilities it provides to passengers. However, this preference might change a bit as AI recently announced an increase in its baggage charges. According to industry experts, this change can be a step towards saving fuel and energy. Lesser the baggage, lesser is the consumption of fuel. The increased charge would encourage passengers to travel light, which will ultimately help the airline to achieve its goal. However, there are many travellers who are not in favour of this hike.Air India

What the New Rule Say

Travellers availing the service of Air India domestic flights will now have to pay more for their baggage. Also, the airline has decided to reduce the maximum baggage weight that a passenger can carry by 5 kg. Earlier, extra amount was only charged when the luggage weight crossed 20 kg. Hence, now a passenger can carry a maximum of 15 kg without paying a penny. The amount that would be levied on excess baggage is INR 250 per kg. This change has been introduced, for the time being, only for domestic flights.

Good News

The good news is that this would not apply to passengers holding two-way tickets as well as frequent flyers of the AI club. The privileged are allowed to carry 20 kg baggage without any extra cost.

Travellers can get all the information on the official website, along with other relevant information like Air India flight status, online check-in and schedule, among others. They can also seek assistance of trusted travel portals to plan their travel and book their tickets. The only thing that they need to remember while making Air India domestic flight booking is to travel light!


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