Find Cheap Flights using New Flight Insight Tool

You must have noticed several times that while searching for cheap flights on the Internet, the price of the ticket changes drastically within few hours. It gets quite irritating and illogical at times. To provide with a coherent solution, Momondo, a Denmark-based travel comparison website has introduced a tool called Flight Insight. This intelligent tool helps in examining the reasons owing to which these price fluctuations take place on a particular route. This tool is all about transparency and helps travellers in finding which day of the week or hour of the day is ideal for them to fly. This valuable information will certainly help travellers at large in saving their money.

An Insight to Momondo’s Latest Tool

Introduced in 2006, Momondo is a complete travel portal where travellers can book flights, hotels and rental cars, and get best possible deals. Basically, this tool is a guide to find the lowest air fare. Flight Insight provides important information and reveals the secret behind fluctuations in rates of airline tickets. The tool is extremely beneficial for travellers who have no fix day or date of journey. It helps in evaluating several previous fare searches and thereafter, determining the lowest and highest prices quoted by the airline.

Factors Determining the Fluctuations:

1. Airline

2. Time of day

3. Day of the week

4. Seasonality

5. Exact airport

6. The number of days in advance

With the help of a pie chart, Flight Insight gives a synopsis of the least expensive examples for each of the above mentioned factors determining the fluctuation. The tool also prepares a graph representing how different factors affect the price of the airline tickets. At present, Flight Insight covers around 400 routes, with more routes being added regularly. This is a helpful tool and big firms like Bing and Routehappy take data from it to examine pricing, routes and other information to keep travellers well-informed.

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