How to reduce flights delays-case study Mumbai Airport?

It is quite well known that if the flights take off a little take, the lost time is made up during the course of flight and the airplane is expected to reach the destination well in time. However, it happens that the landing of the airplane on the airport tarmac is delayed. This is true with the airports in countries like India which have poor airport infrastructure to support the increase rush of flights during the peak times. Besides the countries, it is the airports which are landlocked and are located in the prominent cities such as the Mumbai airport which do not have much scope for expansion to handle the increased air traffic.

Speaking specifically of the Mumbai airport, the flights delays are caused due to a number of reasons, such as being land locked as well as having overlapping flight schedule. Overlapping flight schedules become a necessity since there are about 30 million passengers traveling to and from Mumbai as compared with Delhi’s 34 million but the area of Mumbai airport is only one-fourth of Delhi airport. This limitation of expansion is the primary reason for flight delays. However, there is a good scope of improvement by avoiding giving those time slots to airlines beyond a point which cannot handle the capacity during that time. In this respect, there have to be a collaborative effort from the ATC, airline and the operators of airports.

The overlapping schedules issue cannot be resolved till the time the flights get alternative runways to land at the same time due to space restrictions. At the same time, another intriguing fact is that the runways are intersecting and not parallel which makes it impossible for two flights to take off or land simultaneously.

The customers who have booked the air tickets would like to travel on time and it becomes highly irritating when they have to wait hovering over the airport for hours just because the airport clearances for landing are not available in time. For these delays, it becomes quite a frustrating experience flying to Mumbai. With the government seized of the matter, the solution is likely to be found in the time to come and flights delays at this airport can soon be expected to be a things of past.

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