New Website From Hotwire Offers Alerts On Cheap International Air Tickets From US

You would find the service of having mobile or email alerts from the different airlines or agencies on their websites. This alerts service is for alerting you on the prices of the air tickets, domestic or international, whenever these touch a particular level which is determined by you. Hotwire, a service provider which helps you in finding and booking the domestic and international air tickets online has now created a separate website for providing the alerts services. It is not that the service was not available under the hood of Hotwire earlier, it is just that these services have been expanded to provide the real-time alerts from a separate website altogether. The name of the website will be Some of the salient features of this site are:

  1. Customers would be required to enter certain details such as date, destination, preferred airline and airports of travel.
  2. The real-time alerts will be sent for those airlines only which depart from US.
  3. There will be a requirement to connect via Facebook or Twitter since the alerts of cheap international air tickets will be sent using these networks only.
  4. Besides the flights, the price drops of hotels and cars will also be captured by the site and this information will be provided to customers via the alerts system.
  5. For the benefit of travelers who have flexible flying times, the site would offer the top 50 bargain basement air fares so that they can have more choices to select from.

This service is expected to meet and even beat the competition from a number of other service providers which provide alerts to customers as the prices of tickets drop. It is noteworthy that the people need this information alerts service in order to know the drop in prices as soon as it happens. Getting quick details might lead to savings of good sums of money and, that too, well in time.

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