After Government Nod, IndiGo charges for preferential pre-booked seats

It was only a few days ago that the government allowed unbundling of services while pricing the air tickets. It seems that the airlines were waiting with a hawk’s eye to the announcement of this policy decision since, within days of its announcement, the airlines reduced the free baggage allowance and even started charging for pre-booked seats. While Air India has been the first to reduce the free baggage allowance to 15 kgs and the Jet Airways is likely to follow suit soon, the market leader-IndiGo Airlines-has announced extra charges for preferential sites for which flight booking has been done in advance. This has been conveyed to the travel agents as well.

Under the IndiGo Seat Plus plan, IndiGo will be charging a premium of Rs 500 and Rs 800 respectively for domestic and international flights in rows one, two, 12 and 13. The seats which are pre-booked for aisle and window side ones will be charged Rs 200 and Rs 300 for domestic and international flights respectively. However, pre-booking of all middle seats will be carrying charges of Rs 100 and Rs 200 respectively on domestic and international flights. So, all pre-booked seats will be charged for more to various degrees.

With these charges, IndiGo has taken one effective step towards unbundling of its air tickets prices and sought to increase the ancillary revenues at the same time.

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