How You Shall Not Do Flight Booking Online?

There are many benefits associated with the online flight booking. However, there are many pitfalls as well. You can avoid these pitfalls easily by some positive and some negative actions. Affirmative action involve doing certain things which can result in getting good deals from reliable suppliers and the negative actions involve doing certain actions which will prevent you from falling in hands of unscrupulous elements. Here is a checklist of what you shall NOT do:

  1. Do not fall for cheap air tickets from any supplier.
  2. Do not choose ‘any’ airline which offers lowly priced air tickets and rather uncomfortable seats. If you have options, select the one which is best suited for you.
  3. Do not make lowest air fare the sole or a major criteria for online booking.
  4. Do not ignore comfort levels for long haul flights.
  5. Do not read too much into complaints. All of these might not be genuine. At the same time, you shall discount reading the customer reviews altogether.
  6. Do not see every web resource with eye of suspicion. However, there is a need to adopt a balanced check-and-verification approach.
  7. Do not keep through the booking process if you see that some hidden charges have been added to the displayed fare on front just before you are about to book the flights.
  8. Do not hesitate to check the reputation of the supplier online.
  9. Do not hesitate to make use of online social media to get inputs about any airline or flight from trusted people and networks.
  10. Do not fail to check the flight details such as the nature of flights and the stop-over destinations and time.
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