Tips for getting lowest air fare on international flight booking online

When you have to take the flight to some international destination, there is a belief that the international flight booking is going to be quite expensive. While this is true for the long distance flights, lowest air fare might still be got. You have to plan well and keep a watchful eye on the lowest air fare of the carriers. Here are some of the tips which can help you travel at lowly priced tickets on international routes:

  1. Be flexible in travel dates: Being flexible helps you in rescheduling your travel plan to align with the times when the travel will be least costly affair.
  2. Consider traveling on LCCs for short haul international destinations: If it is a short haul international destination, then check out whether low cost carriers are plying on that sector and on your required date and time of travel. Traveling on LCCs can result in saving good sums of money.
  3. Consider travelling in night or during the off-peak times: It is true that the peak-time prices of tickets are higher due to high demand. On the contrary, the off-peak times can get you lowest air fares for that day.
  4. Use your frequent flyer status: If you have accumulated points towards free mileage or towards some shopping discounts, you can make use of these points in reducing your overall cost of travel.
  5. Look for service providers offering lowest air fare: Do not be satisfied by searching only a few service providers. Rather, you shall make elaborate searches to find new players who can offer you better rates. Even consider visiting the retail outlets of agents for this purpose.
  6. Consider taking the combined packages of hotels and/or cabs along with the flights from the carriers or the agencies for maximizing the savings: When going on international travel, there are good chances that you need to put up at a hotels unless you have someone who can station you at his or her place. So, you shall also examine whether buying hotels and flights combination from the agencies is going to reduce your overall cost of travel or not.
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