Navigation and Cheap air tickets

Airlines simply cannot ignore the cost head of fuel if these are really concerned about providing the cheap air tickets to the customers. This has been quite evident after the success of low cost model of airlines which has been at the forefront of providing low cost tickets to the customers. Even the full service carriers have either got their own low cost carriers as subsidiaries or have been trying to save on the fuel cost by making efforts towards its conservation and increasing the efficiency levels. To meet this end, there are conscious efforts to reduce the weight of the airplane and also to reduce the in-flight time so that fuel can be saved to the maximum extent possible.

The in-flight time can be reduced by adopting the modern navigation tools which are based on satellite navigation and tracking systems rather than the radar based systems, reducing the congestion at the airport so that the airplane does not keep hovering over the airport for long time and by adopting those flight routes which can result in saving more fuel. Some countries of the world have been slowly moving towards satellite-based navigation and tracking systems in order to facilitate point-to-point flights. By not requiring presence within the radar networks, flights can save much of flight distance and fuel.

Fuel can also be saved and flight booking can be offered cheap by choosing the correct flight routes. The trans-Atlantic flights flying over the polar routes or flights using the jet streams are two examples of how the routes can help in saving the fuel. These routes are especially opted for by the long haul carriers.

Since the people are increasingly demanding the cheap air ticket booking, the airline companies have to continuously innovate and put in research and development effort in order to meet that end. All measures that can lead to fuel efficiency for the carriers are major contributors towards meeting the demand of low cost air tickets of the people. 

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