DGCA Civil Aviation Requirements for Refunds of Air Tickets

It was due to the rising number of passenger complaints against the airlines conduct with respect to refunds of tickets which prompted the government to issue the Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR) for refunds of air tickets in 2008. Before this, it was a considered view of the government not to interfere in the commercial practices of carriers. The guidelines pertaining to refunds of tickets are listed below for the benefit of the people who have to do flight booking on refundable or non-refundable tickets.

  1. If the air tickets are booked using credit cards, it is the duty of airline to refund the amount within 7 days of the cancellation of tickets.
  2. If the transaction has been made in cash, then the airlines office which issued it shall refund the money immediately.
  3. In case where the tickets were purchased through the agent, the government does not feel necessary to make provisions for the same.
  4. The PSF collected by the airlines shall also be returned necessarily by the airline in case of cancellations. It shall be remembered that PSF amounts are refunded even by the LCCs in India.
  5. In case the airline is offering air tickets for future travel, it is customary for the airline to offer immediate refunds as well.
  6. With respect to the amount of refund to be obtained, it is important for the carrier to make it clear what amount of refunds will be obtained and its break-up. This shall also be displayed on websites of the airlines.
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