IndiGo’s Branding Jig-From LCC of Common Man To Preferred Business Airliner

Starting off as a budget airliner, which aimed to provide cheap air tickets to the customers, IndiGo has now become famous for its services such as the best on-time record among the domestic carriers. From the image of serving the needs of common man by cutting down massively on amenities and promoting the cheap air travel, the airline has come a long way by becoming the market leader in terms of passengers carried and providing reliable services to the customers.

Branding of the airline has also sought to be changed. From the low cost carrier which catered to the needs of common man, the airline has now sought to capitalize on its services and other parameters which passengers like and gone for a re-branding exercise with new positioning. Further, the new branding exercise is set to move ahead from the common man to business travelers since it seeks to target them.

So, the movement from the ‘no-frills’ carrier to the ‘cool’ carrier is clearly the motive, on the lines of JetBlue and Southwest of US. Advertisement, online and offline, and chiefly through the television medium have sought to bring this new image to sharper focus. The new advertorials show that the airline takes care of your safety, convenience (showing the ramp instead of staircases) and on-time track record.

At the same time, the efforts have been directed to make it the preferred carrier of the business people chiefly because the business people prefer to do flight booking with that airline which has better punctuality record and cheap air tickets are secondary. In the recent past, there have been quite a few instances where the other carriers have launched some schemes or providing massive discounts on air tickets to the customers, but IndiGo refrained from this exercise largely and stuck to its relatively higher prices. Interestingly, the passengers still want to go ahead with the carrier and the corporate passengers do not want to try other airlines due to their punctuality record. This further strengthened the branding exercise as a preferred carriers rather than the low cost carrier.

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