India moots plan for passenger profiling for domestic flight booking

Till now, whenever you do a flight booking either on the airlines website or with the agency, you are not required to provide the photo of passenger who is to travel. You are only required to provide name, address and contact details and some other documents at the time of making reservations. However, this is likely to change soon since the passengers aboard the domestic flights will now be asked to provide the photos as well.

The Indian government is planning to create a huge database of domestic fliers and would need their photos for maintaining their identity. This will also help in immediate identification of the person who is flying or has flown to various destinations within the country. The creation of this database is very much possible and the passengers will be required to either provide or upload their photos on the websites of travel agencies or airlines or other service providers while booking domestic flight tickets. It is also being discussed whether there is a need to introduce the biometric profiling of the customers as well.

Once this proposal gets the approval, there will be a creation of vast database of all domestic fliers including their photos. This database will be managed by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security. This will help in keeping a record of their travel history as well as serve the photo identification needs of passengers by the security establishment. This is expected to be quite a massive exercise which will involve a number of parties such as all flight booking service providers, government agencies and airport operators. A photo profile of about 10 million passengers is expected to be created during this logistical exercise, if it gets the nod from the authorities.

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