How Is Flight Schedule Different From Flight Status?

When you are planning to travel by air, you would need to do the flight booking either with the online airline companies or agencies or the offline agents or retain stores of carriers. For making these reservations, you would also need to know flight schedule, that is, the precise timetable  of when the carriers are expected to fly. The government of every country has scheduled carriers who are allotted the time and the airport space to conduct the flights to various destinations at their scheduled times. Due to the fixed nature of times of these flights, carriers can bring out their flight schedule information and provide it for public use.

This is precisely the difference between the schedule and the status of flights. Flight status is a more real-time analysis of the location of an airplane. This takes into account the location of plane right from the moment it moves down the runway, during the course of its flight in the air and the moment it is parked after touching down the runway after arriving at the destination. Just as you would like to know the schedule before making the reservation of air tickets, you would need to check the flight status for various reasons. These reasons could be:

You would need to check it when you have to go to the airport for fetching your near and dear ones or someone who is known to you. Similarly, for the people who are traveling in the flight, this information makes them ready with their belongings at the opportune time when plane descends on destination airport. At times, people would like to know status to check for safety and security of carrier.

Status of flight relates not only to its location but also to its well-being. This can be ascertained by the radar or satellite communication as well as by telephonic conversation between the ATC and the pilot. Many independent agencies have means of gathering real-time information on status of flight through various sources. This information is also sought by travel agencies for providing their customers with the real-time flight status information.

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